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News 10 Heinous Things Bullseye Has Done That Make Him Marvel’s Deadliest Villain

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10 Heinous Things Bullseye Has Done That Make Him Marvel’s Deadliest Villain

Bullseye is Daredevil’s main antagonist. Unlike someone like Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man or Doctor Doom and Mr. Fantastic, Bullseye is a little more heinous in his actions against the Man Without Fear. See, Bullseye doesn’t just try to beat Daredevil or show up for Hornhead to stop. No, Bullseye kills those people that Daredevil loves.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to all the villains in the Marvel Universe, few are as bloodthirsty and demented as Bullseye. With a hit list a mile long and no desire to ever stop, here is a look at 10 heinous things Bullseye has done that make him Marvel’s deadliest villain.

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In a retcon to his origin, Bullseye: Greatest Hits #2 told his life story from childhood. With the power that Bullseye has of throwing anything he gets his hand on and never missing, it shouldn’t a surprise to know he played sports. It wasn’t archery or skeet shooting. It was baseball.

Bullseye was a star baseball pitcher. One of the foster families he was in got him involved in sports, and he ended up skipping college to play Minor League Baseball. In three games, he was called up to the Majors. In his first game, he got bored by the ninth inning. He wanted to come out, and the coach told him to take the next batter out. He did and was lucky only to end up with manslaughter charges.


No one really trusts the NSA, even if they are the government division organized to protect the nation. Instead of protecting the citizens, most people believe they only exist to spy on the people of this nation. After the baseball incident in Bullseye: Greatest Hits #2, Bullseye was sent to work for the CIA and then the NSA.

Yes, Bullseye is an assassin, but he also worked as a special NSA operative for years. He then exploited them to gain an extensive knowledge of anyone and everyone that could be a threat or target to him for a long time. It is bad enough to think the NSA has information on everyone. Imagine if one of them was a trained assassin.


The Dark Avengers were some of the worst villains in the world, all pretending to be superheroes. Under the leadership of Norman Osborn, as Iron Patriot, Scorpion took on the role of Venom, Daken replaced Wolverine, Noh-Varr pretended to be Captain Marvel, and Bullseye became Hawkeye.

There was a big difference. While Hawkeye only kills when absolutely necessary, putting a bow and arrow in the hands of Bullseye is like handing candy to a baby. It wasn’t long for Norman to understand that he couldn’t trust Bullseye to pretend to be a hero, as he turned Hawkeye into a killer.


Before they started working for Norman Osborn as the Dark Avengers, several of those villains worked for him under the title of The Thunderbolts. These were mostly villains, including Moonstone, Bullseye, SOngbird, Swarodsman, and Venom. While they were villains, they claimed to want to redeem themselves.

Even before Bullseye proved to be a very destructive Hawkeye, Norman and the Thunderbolts never trusted him. When they went on one mission, they kept him bound and gagged, taking away any chance he had of turning on them. The villains couldn’t trust Bullseye, even when he was on their team.


If there is one person in the world that has trusted Bullseye more than anyone else, it is Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. Of course, Kingpin knows that he has the money and the pull to afford to keep Bullseye on his payroll. This prevents him from slipping off to sign on and work for another crime lord.

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However, no one can trust Bullseye. He is so heinous that he doesn’t mind biting the hand that feeds him — including that of Wilson Fisk. Bullseye got a contract to kill Kingpin and went to do it. The only reason he let him live is that Fisk gave him a better offer to go after Daredevil again. It was at this point that he went after Elektra.


Bullseye Stabs Elektra With Her Sai

Bullseye has killed two women that Matt Murdoch loved. The one kill that ensured that Bullseye would sit at the top of the list of Marvel’s deadliest assassins was when he killed Elektra Natchios. What made this target so effective? Elektra was one of the world’s greatest assassins and died at Bullseye’s hands.

Elektra was sent by Kingpin to kill Daredevil. However, she was unable to bring herself to do so because of their history. Kingpin then sent Bullseye after her, and he murdered Elektra with her own sai. She crawled to Daredevil’s house and died in his arms.


Karen Page in Marvel Comics is very different than the version fans got to know on the Netflix original series. The Page in the comics was a girlfriend of Matt Murdoch who ended up leaving to become an actress. However, her life took a bad turn, and she became a drug addict and an adult film actress.

Her addiction was so strong that she ended up selling Matt’s identity as Daredevil to Kingpin in Born Again. That led to Kingpin setting out to ruin Murdock’s life. Karen finally found redemption when she dived in front of a club thrown by Bullseye, giving up her life to save Daredevil. Like Elektra, Karen died in Matt’s arms.


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It could only end in one way. Bullseye killed Matt’s childhood lover, Elektra. Bullseye murdered the love of Matt’s life in Karen Page. It could only be Bullseye that finally killed Daredevil. One of these two men had to die, and the fact that it was the villain Bullseye who won the war was shocking.

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It happened in End of Days, and Bullseye and Matt had a massive battle in the streets. This time, it was the assassin who came out on top by stabbing Matt in the head, killing him. What makes this even more heinous is that Bullseye then killed himself later in the story, no reason left to live.


Even on the Netflix original series Daredevil, Bullseye was a jerk who did anything he could to ruin the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s life. Just like in Born Again, Kingpin decided he wanted nothing more than to ruin Daredevil’s reputation.

To do this, Kingpin went to the same person he did in the comic books. Wilson Fisk hired the assassin named Bullseye to go out on a murderous rampage, dressed as Daredevil. With Bullseye killing people while wearing Daredevil’s costume, he tarnished the reputation as the city’s protector in a most heinous manner.


bullseye cover

To wrap things up, Bullseye is a monster. He is not superhuman, and his power is simply his inability to miss a target regardless of what he picks up. He can throw anything from a knife to a club to his own teeth and do severe damage with anything.

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Bullseye has no conscious. He killed a baseball hitter because he was bored. He killed two of the women Daredevil loved more than anyone, ruined his reputation, and then killed Daredevil himself. He betrayed his associates and then, in the end, he killed himself, robbing anyone from the ability to gain revenge against him. Bullseye might be the most heinous villain in Marvel Comics history.

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