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Published on February 2nd, 2015📅

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SnoopyPro – Windows USB Sniffer Tool

SnoopyPro is a lightweight, standalone (no installation necessary) USB sniffer tool, it will log all data exchange between USB Device and its driver under a Windows environment. It definitely works on Windows XP, unsure about newer versions.


SnoopyPro allows you to intercept, display, record and analyze USB protocol and all the data transferred between any USB device connected to your PC and applications. It can be successfully used in application development, USB device driver or hardware development and offers the powerful platform for effective coding, testing and optimization.

USB monitor is rather pricey but it costs $65USD, perhaps it’s time for someone to write an updated open-source USB sniffing/monitoring tool.

You can download USBSnoop here:

Or read more here.

6 Responses to SnoopyPro – Windows USB Sniffer Tool

  1. Colton says:

    Has anyone managed to get this working on Windows 7? I get “Snyps Bridge unavailable”.

  2. abraham marius says:

    me , its working on windows 7 , what do you mean by “Snyps Bridge unavailable”.?

  3. Colton says:

    When I push F2 to see the USB available devices, I’m just seeing this;

  4. gabriel carlson says:

    usbsnoopy is working well for me – my only gripe with this version is that it doesn’t show live data (you need to stop the capture to see the data) and that you need to reconnect the device after stopping the capture to get a new capture started (at least, that’s the only thing that worked for me)

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