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Generating Custom Kali Linux security distro

After the success of last years Kali Dojo, Offensive Security is proud to present a new, updated Kali Dojo at Black Hat USA 2015. This is an in-depth look at the most powerful features of the Kali penetration testing platform, presented by the developers and premiering during the briefings at Black Hat USA

“Last years event was a rousing success, with many attendees staying all day long and working through the multiple exercises. We had such a great time, we wanted to do it again. This is a great chance to get hands-on with Kali 2.0, learning the cutting edge features and how to best put them to use. In this two session workshop series, we will be covering how to create your own custom Kali ISO that is tweaked and modified to exactly fit your needs. This will be followed up in the second session with a hands-on exercise of deploying Kali on USB sticks so that it contains several persistent storage profiles, both regular and encrypted – including the LUKS nuke feature.”


The Kali Linux Dojo Workshop

Rolling Your Own – Generating Custom Kali Linux

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2 Responses to Generating Custom Kali Linux security distro

  1. Pety Rewt says:

    Custom Kali Linux ISO 32, 64 bit KDE Mate, Xfce, Lxde, e17, i3wm

  2. Pety Rewt says:

    Kali Linux ISO 32, 64 bit KDE Mate, Xfce, Lxde, e17, i3wm

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