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Alert Users: MSN Main Page Dropping Malware on User PCs

If you visit MSN.com there is a chance your PC has been affected with a malware — Outlook users should also check for it as upon signing out from their email they are redirected to MSN home page.

Once again, Microsoft becomes the victim of malicious malvertising, and the culprit behind these misleading ads is Adspirit. In August 2015, a malevolent and vicious malvertising campaign run by Adspirit was detected on MSN, The Drudge Report, Wunderground andWeather.com among others.


However, in its recent malvertising activities, AdSpirit seems to have abandoned the use of Angler exploit kits and instead, they appear to have joined the burgeoning trend of adopting the more advanced RIG and Neutrino exploit kits. This investment has allowed AdSpirit to avoid getting detected on web pages which have heightened securities to counter malicious activities of the Angler exploit kit.

Flowchart shows how the users is affected with malware Wa7GDlGl.png Image Source: Malwarebytes

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