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Cracker-ng — File Password Finder

Cracker-ng, a multiple file password finder. For now, there are these modules:

  • zip cracker (zip, winzip, apm, ipa, and all zip based files),
  • ccrypt cracker (cpt, antigift) [from the 2nd version (1.1) to the latest (1.10), 1.0 is buggy]


What this tool does not:

  • call a tierce tool like unrar or unzip to check the password (and will never)
  • compute permutations (will change) or create wordlists


What this tool does:

  • understand the data format (see src/*)
  • check the password using the way official tool does
  • use optimized routines
  • read passwords from a wordlist or STDIN:
    • cat, john, crunch or whatever you want for wordlist attack



$ git clone https://github.com/BoboTiG/cracker-ng.git
$ cd cracker-ng

# For testers and contributors, always work with on the devel branch:
$ git checkout devel

$ make

The final execuable file will be stored into bin folder.



Usage: MODULE cracker-ng -f FILE

Examples with ZIP module:

$ cat wordlist.lst | zipcracker-ng -f FILE  -

$ john --incremental --stdout | zipcracker-ng -f FILE -

$ crunch 1 8 -f charset.lst lalpha | zipcracker-ng -f FILE -

$ zipcracker-ng -f FILE -w wordlist.lst



Source && Download

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