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ParanoicScan – Vulnerability Scanner

Old Options

Google & Bing Scanner that also scan :

  • XSS
  • SQL GET + Admin
  • Directory listing
  • Jet Database
  • Oracle
  • LFI
  • RFI
  • Full Source Discloure
  • HTTP Information
  • SQLi Scanner
  • Bypass Admin
  • Exploit FSD Manager
  • Paths Finder
  • IP Locate
  • Crack MD5
  • Panel Finder
  • Console



[+] Refresh of existing pages to crack md5
[+] Error scanner fsd
[+] Http error scanner scan
[+] Spaces between text too annoying
[+] Added array to bypass
[+] Failed to read from file

New options

[+] Generate all logs in a html file
[+] Incorporates random and new useragent
[+] Multi encoder / decoder :

  • Ascii
  • Hex
  • Url
  • Bin To Text & Text To Bin

[+] PortScanner
[+] HTTP FingerPrinting
[+] CSRF Tool
[+] Scan XSS
[+] Generator for XSS Bypass
[+] Generator links to tiny url
[+] Finder and downloader exploits on Exploit-DB
[+] Mysql Manager
[+] Tools LFI


An video


Download Paranoicscan
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