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Published on January 1st, 2016 | 1,259 views Post Views

WhatsApp Down on New Year’s Eve, Faced Outage WorldWide

The famous messaging service WhatsApp is down around the world with people complaining on Twitter how they can’t connect, send or receive messages from their friends and families.

Users in UAE, India, Pakistan, Brazil, US and countries in Europe are reporting that the messaging service is down.


A live outage map for all the regions in which WhatsApp is available can be found at website Down Detector.

It appears the service went down at 16.28 GMT (11.28 ET) and resurfaced around 45 minutes later – only to crash again minutes later.

While users are trying to send new year’s wishes to their contacts, all they can see is following message or ”connecting” status.

‘WhatsApp Web requires a working internet connection, which you don’t have at the moment.’


WhatsApp Web requires a working internet connection, which you don’t have at the moment

Screenshot from my phone in Dubai has been showing ”connecting…” message for last two hours.

According to 2015 stats, WhatsApp has over 900 million monthly users worldwide, however, the downtime of the app at a crucial time marks a question if the company can handle such a huge audience.


Here are some tweets among thousands showing users’ anger and disappointment over the app’s downtime.

At the time of publishing this article WhatsApp service was back in some countries while down in many.

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