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Published on December 15th, 2016 | 4,681 views Post Views

Hacker Group Legion: We Are Geeks Addicted To Crime

If you are Indian then you might know how a hacker group that goes by the name “Legion” has created quite a flutter in the Indian Twitter community over the past two weeks. As they say that they are just geeks addicted to crime and drugs.t

The country’s mobile and computer users are the most affected users by cyber crimes as hackers can steal individual’s banking and other personal information from their infected devices and use it for criminal purposes.

However, if you are Indian then you might know how a hacker group that goes by the name “Legion” has created quite a flutter in the Indian Twitter community over the past two weeks. One of the hacker group well known as “Legion” a few days ago this hacker group broke into the Twitter accounts of the Congress Party’s vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, contentious liquor lord Vijay Mallya and only that even they also broke into the account of the well-known TV journalists Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar.

After two weeks the well-known hacker group “Legion” has finally come out in the open. In an interview with the Washington Post journalist, Max Bearak got in touch with one representative of Legion. They have shared a conversation, on an “encrypted instant-messaging software” where the well-known hacker group “Legion” stated that “The group has access to servers like that of Apollo Hospitals and it was unsure about releasing data from those servers because it might cause “chaos” in India”.

“Legion wasn’t even interested in ‘political data’ until a few weeks ago. …the group was in possession of several terabytes of raw data concerning all sorts of ‘interests’ and that within that trove the hackers had identified gigabytes worth of information relating to Indian public figures”.

The Washington Post journalist, Max Bearak said that “When I asked him how they came into possession of so many data, he was vague, and said they just ended up with access to over 40k+ servers in India, ‘and we decided — hey, why not write a tool to sift through them for interesting data”.

Later the Washington Post journalist, Max Bearak also stated that “He said the data was choosing the targets for them, not the other way around. Whatever they were finding, they aimed to release. From Dutt’s Twitter account, they shared a link to a ‘partial’ data dump of approximately 1.2 gigabytes of her emails”.


However, the well know hacker group Legion has now warned the former Indian Premier League chairman, Lalit Modi who is also considered close to the BJP. According to the reports “As for upcoming targets, LC indicated that he and his fellow hackers had their sights set on bigger things”.

“Then again, he said, the hacking was taking away from precious time he’d rather spend doing drugs and making electronic music… He said he particularly disliked spending time in India’s capital, New Delhi and suggested that he might try to go to Russia — to do some more drugs” again the Washington Post journalist, Max Bearak added.

Currently, this hacker group seeking for the public support and they also claimed that they will do more this type cracking in the coming weeks.

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