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Wycheproof – Test Crypto Libraries Against Known Attacks

Project Wycheproof is a tool to test crypto libraries against known attacks. It is developed and maintained by members of Google Security Team, but it is not an official Google product.


At Google, they rely on many third party cryptographic software libraries. Unfortunately, in cryptography, subtle mistakes can have catastrophic consequences, and they found that libraries fall into such implementation pitfalls much too often and for much too long.

Good implementation guidelines, however, are hard to come by: understanding how to implement cryptography securely requires digesting decades’ worth of academic literature.

They recognise that software engineers fix and prevent bugs with unit testing, and they also found that cryptographic loopholes can be resolved by the same means.


These observations have prompted them to develop Project Wycheproof, a collection of unit tests that detect known weaknesses or check for expected behaviours of some cryptographic algorithm. Project Wycheproof provides tests for most cryptographic algorithms, including RSA, elliptic curve crypto and authenticated encryption.


Project Wycheproof has tests for the most popular crypto algorithms, including

  • DH
  • DSA
  • ECDH
  • RSA


The tests detect whether a library is vulnerable to many attacks, including:

  • Invalid curve attacks
  • Biased nonces in digital signature schemes
  • Of course, all Bleichenbacher’s attacks
  • And many more — there are over 80 test cases

You can download Project Wychproof here:

Or read more here.

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