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Published on January 9th, 2017📅

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Top 8 Advises To Secure Your Data When Working Remotely

IN today’s digital world keeping sensitive information secure from theft and vulnerability is not an easy task. Even if you take every step with your online accounts and identifying information, there are many ways that information can land in another individual or company’s data management systems, where it can somehow be made vulnerable to data theft or data leakage. So by applying these steps, you can secure your data while you are working remotely.

1) Install tracking software

To secure your data install some tracking software like Prey. It is a web service for tracking and monitoring laptop and desktop computers. It not only track your device but also provide a picture of the person using it, which can help you to locate your stolen device. To prevent your data it lock down your device and deletes your stored passwords.

2) Create strong password

To secure your data, it’s better to create a strong password and change it regularly. Don’t use the same password for multiple sites. You should use password generator which is hacker-resistant to creating password. Do not allow your device to remember your password.

3) Use a secure email program

It is a critical task to secure your data especially when you are transferring some sensitive information. To secure your communication use email encryption services like hp secure mail, Proofpoint, data motion, edgeware,crypt zone, privato, etc. They are capable of protecting the confidentiality and integrity of email messages and attachments while in transit or storage.

4) Store data to the cloud

Cloud-based storage helps you to keep your data safe by a hacker or virus and also in case your device is stolen. By using it, you can remotely maintain, managed and backup your data so that you can access them from any location by any device. IDrive, BackBlaze, Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire are some cloud storage services.

5) Use firewall

A firewall can prevent your device from unauthorized access. It screen data coming in and out of computer network and halting traffic from unsafe internet sources. It acts as a first defensive shield for hackers. If you are using a router, make sure it has a firewall. Ensure your mobile firewall is on and operating while using public WI-Fi.

6) Install updates

Whenever you receive software update notification, don’t ignore it. As it takes few minutes to update and install, it could save you from cyber attack. Make sure you are allowing updates from trusted sources. Install updates immediately or within one week of receiving notification.

7) Use a virtual private network

VPN keep you safe when you are connecting to the public WI-Fi. It provides remote user to access the private network securely and effectively. It prevents internet service provider from tracking your activities on the web and allow to browse anonymously on both websites and web applications. VPN can encrypt your internet activity and keep you out of reach of hackers.


8) Get connected to the secured WI-Fi

Always check the name of the WI-Fi network when you are connected publicly for accuracy because hackers will often create similarly named network to fool users and collect password or other confidentially and sensitive data. Take these secure steps when you are working remotely and secure your data, Be safe online.

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