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ShodanHat – Search For Hosts Info With Shodan

Search For Hosts Info With Shodan.

You need to install shodan with pip install shodan or easy_install shodan.
You need to install python-nmap with pip install python-nmap.
You need to set your API Key in the ‘constantes.py’ file.

-h, –help show this help message and exit
-i IP, –ip=IP info about one host
-l LIST, –list=LIST info about a list of hosts
-s SQ, –sq=SQ searchquery string
–nmap perform a nmap scan in the hosts
–setkey=SETKEY set your api key automatically
NMap Options:
–sS TCP Syn Scan
–sT TCP Connect Scan
–sU UDP Scan

For One Host
python shodanhat.py -i IP
For a list of Hosts
python shodanhat.py -l list.txt
You can also set a searchquery to make a specific query with ‘-s’ option!

Download ShodanHat
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