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Published on June 17th, 2018📅

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ClipboardWalletHijacker Trojan monitors Clipboard to Steal Bitcoin & Ethereum

Qihoo 360 reported a malicious program that hijacked the clipboard. Its purpose was to steal Bitcoin and Ethereum. The malicious program was named ClipboardWalletHijacker and infected more than 300,000 PCs, probably mainly in China. This malicious program intercepts the contents of the Windows clipboard program.

Image: Qihoo 360


It known that bitcoin or other digital currency purse address is a random number, the user cannot remember, so the transaction is through the copy and paste, ClipboardWalletHijacker monitoring clipboard similar to the address of the wallet address, after the discovery replaced by malicious author’s speech, by this method to steal goods digital currency.

According to the wallet address left by the author of the malicious program, their income is not high at present, only stealing about $800.

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