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Published on June 21st, 2018📅

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NSABlocklist: HOSTS file to block all known NSA / GCHQ / C.I.A. / F.B.I. spying servers

NSABlocklist © project originally created under the MIT license 2015-2018 by CHEF-KOCH.


This isn’t yet another hosts file or DNSBL that claims to secure the web, it’s specially designed to stop known NSA / GCHQ / C.I.A. or F.B.I. servers from being connecting to you without permission, of course, the IP’s also can be used for Bot Revolt or other tools. The list is not designed to block common malware, spyware/ads or anything that is already available on the net via a properly designed hosts for such special case. These hosts or the super ranges lists could block some of your sites/servers you may need, so you’ll be warned!

My list is originally based on 2007 published Wikileaks documents and includes my own modifications from 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

This project includes


  • A ‘HOSTS‘ file that includes all Servers/DNS domains that are known to be involved in spying. The confirmation is given within the Research link(s) at the bottom and with my own tests.
  • An ‘Super Ranges.txt‘ file which includes a list of known IP ranges that are compromised (be careful with that!).
  • An ‘LICENSE‘ File to shows the MIT license.
  • The ‘README‘ (this) file that includes the latest news, updates, and explanations,…
  • An ‘problematic.txt‘ file which includes DNS/PTRs that are possible problems for you.
  • The ‘Mail.txt’ file in case you want to speak with me over encrypted email.
  • An ‘test’ folder for IPv6 only domains. It also contains an ‘html’ folder for html formatted entries, an ‘onion’ folder for the suspect or faked .onions and a ‘Tor’ folder for a quick guide how to run a non-exit relay in around 10 minutes.
  • The ‘References.txt’ which contains relevant information about spying or additional topics which may be related to revealing surveillance.
  • Information on hardware-based attacks.

Any problems, questions or something wrong?

  • Feel free to open an issue ticket and I will look at it asap. – Pull Requests or ideas are always welcome!

Important Notice

  • A true list of compromised IPs would list the entire Internet, then on to the fuller range open mouth blabbering of blogs, email, chat rooms, texting, aided and abetted by the world’s telecoms, postal services, and, most reliably, bedroom murmurings.
  • I do not accept donations, I’m not doing this because I want $$money or hype, I’m doing this because I didn’t find a proper list on the whole internet and of course I want to share my knowledge for free. I always think that such information should be available for everyone around the world.
  • Please keep in mind that updates/encryption/knowledge is our only weapon against NSA and other agencies since I not encrypt this list (for what?) the update argument is important so I always search for the maintainer to complete the list(s). It’s currently not possible to update everything daily or every x hours since there is no tool/software/script which detects such servers automatically – it needs to be checked against domain servers, trace-routes, documents – all by hand!


Do you hate the NSA or other agencies?

  • I do not hate the NSA or other agencies but I really don’t like that everyone is automatically under the microscope (mass surveillance) and of course that there is no ‘opt-out’ or transparency except lies and more lies (and some excuses …yeah, we are doing this because terrorism, go f$ck yourself with such statements!)
  • Everyone have something to hide, passwords, private data, accounts, other meta-data, […]

Known problems

  • An HOSTS file is no guarantee that if the NSA is already ‘in your system/network’ – to protect you – it’s just to late.
  • HOSTS files are no guarantee that NSA or any other attacker/organization could simply bypass it via 0day or other vulnerabilities on your system/router.
  • HOSTS files can’t protect against attacks directly in hardware, e.g. if the router is already compromised or comes with backdoors this list will be easily bypassed anyway.
  • Due the complex of the entire file I can’t explain every single IP/Domain/PTR record. If something was changed, feel free to open a pull request or send me an eMail.
  • The GOSTS file may present an attack vector for malicious software because the file could be modified to redirect the entire traffic e.g. adware/trojans can do this. Ensure that the file was marked as read-only and you’re not logged in as administrator.
  • Trace-route analysis especially on IPv4 networks are sometimes outdated (due the mass of requests).
  • Be careful when blocking IP addresses, as IP addresses change frequently and can block people you don’t intend to block.
  • NSA and other agencies can spy on traffic directly from supercomputers like infamous Echelon connected directly to some backbone without revealing any IP. This is an common problem, only strong and proper implemented encryption helps.

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