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The source code of the Exobot Android banking trojan has been leaked online

The source code of the Exobot Android banking trojan has been leaked online, researchers already verified its authenticity.

The source code of the Exobot Android banking trojan has been leaked online and experts believe that we will soon assist at a new wave of attacks based on the malware.

The Exobot Android banking trojan was first spotted at the end of 2016 when its authors were advertising it on the dark web.

The authors were advertising it saying that it can be used for phishing attacks, it implements various features of most common banking Trojan such as intercepting SMS messages.

Exobot is a powerful banking malware that is able of infecting even smartphones running the latest Android versions.

In January, the authors decided to stop working at the malware and offered for sale its source code.

Now researchers from Bleeping Computer confirmed to have received a copy of the source code from an unknown individual and shared it with malware researchers from ESET and ThreatFabric in order to verify its authenticity.


“The code proved to be version 2.5 of the Exobot banking trojan, also known as the “Trump Edition,” one of Exobot’s last version before its original author gave up on its development.” reads a blog postpublished by Bleeping Computer.


According to experts from ThreatFabric the version provided to Bleeping Computer was leaked online in May. It seems that one of the users that purchased the malicious code decided to leak it online.

According to the experts, the source code for the Exobot Android banking Trojan is now being distributed on a few underground hacking forums, this means that threat actors can now work on their own version and also offer it with a malware-as-a-service model.

“In the coming months, we may see Android malware devs slowly migrating their campaigns from BankBot to Exobot, as few will decline a “free upgrade” to a better code.” concluded Bleeping Computers.


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