Videos 299 - Checking Your Web Site for Vulnerabilities and Hacker Exploits

Published on April 15th, 2019 📆 | 5063 Views ⚑


299 – Checking Your Web Site for Vulnerabilities and Hacker Exploits

Protect your web site, your reputation, and your site visitors by determining if your site can be easily compromised by hackers. Looking at Lynis and StopTheHacker.

Topics Covered:
– 6:17 – Feature: Testing your web site and server to determine if it has serious security vulnerabilities which could be used by hackers to compromise your data or exploit your web server for malware distribution or spam blasting.
– 25:51 – Top stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
– 38:33 – Viewer Questions
– 57:23 – Contest Announcement: Win a 7-port Newer Technology USB 2.0 hub with dedicated 2.1A power port on Episode 301.



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11 Responses to 299 – Checking Your Web Site for Vulnerabilities and Hacker Exploits

  1. Very helpful, even if it is quite old. stopthehacker no longer gives free scans, was hoping they did as I'd like to see what they actually do.

  2. 299 ? – Amin raghib reaches 738 or even more than that

  3. LemmeRocK says:

    she can't read can she? :))

  4. lol that chic is funny I like her

  5. Gantulga G says:

    hey bro can give me you own conky plse  .. is it possible ?

  6. This product is for testing _your own_ web server to give you a chance to patch exploits which may exist. It is _not_ for testing other people's web sites to verify their security (although you could technically do this, but it would be pointless to do so since you aren't the server admin). If I take my car to the shop for a diagnostic, I then fix the issues they find. What you're suggesting is to point to a random car in the lot and say "Test that one"… what's the point?

  7. Josh Bayes says:

    Does this work for ROBLOX?

  8. 111Pens111 says:

    I think you mean 7:52 to the right, that is Conky.

  9. Which software are you referring to? There isn't any on screen at 7:58
    Our operating system is Point Linux as per Episode 290 at watch?v=Oz9uL3PK5-A
    The software we reviewed above is called lynis.
    Does that help?

  10. keith heaton says:

    whats is the software call @ 7:58

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