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IPV666 Address of the Beast – Christopher Grayson, Marc Newlin – DEF CON China 1

January 22nd, 2020 📆 | 6593 Views ⚑

Global adoption of IPv6 continues to grow, with Google reporting IPv6 as 25% of its client traffic. IPv6 comes with

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VoIPShark Open Source VoIP Analysis Platform – N. Sharma, J. Mathai, A. Bhangale – DEF CON China 1

January 22nd, 2020 📆 | 3816 Views ⚑

Leveraging the packet switched network for making phone calls or VoIP has come a long way now. Today, it has

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SQL Injection Blind

January 22nd, 2020 📆 | 6435 Views ⚑

SQL Injection adalah metode hacking yang memungkinkan seorang penyerang yang tidak sah untuk mengakses isi dari database server web. Seorang

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Cybersecurity News 1.22.2020

January 22nd, 2020 📆 | 5558 Views ⚑

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