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6 Tools I Use In Penetration Testing – OSCP Prep

In this video I talk about 6 tools that you should have in your repertoire of penetration tester. These are:

1. nmap
2. nikto
3. dirb/dirbuster/gobuster
4. netcat
5. metasploit
6. burp

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Books I recommend for Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking:

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3 Responses to 6 Tools I Use In Penetration Testing – OSCP Prep

  1. What about the training/lab time for the OSCP. Can someone with no experience pick it up, or is there a better way to start?

  2. Learn practical pentesting on Pluralsight. Try it for free, now: http://bit.ly/2LzKrPJ

    Python Basics (course 1 in Python Penetration Testers series) UDEMY discount applied: http://bit.ly/2Gfx8Qh

    Grab some cool hacker T-shirts, hoodies and accessories: http://bit.ly/2IDAQEo

  3. What about OWASP Certification

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