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Problem is with CF and other memory cards they have high reed cycles but low write cycles. I suggest you look into high endurance or industrial line of cards. I can’t personally recommend any CF cards but there are various SanDisk and Samsung High Endurance Industrial cards which are highly reviewed and even used in automotive and aeronautical applications. Also ensure you buy brand name cards from a reputable store. As Amazon, eBay, and other similar 3rd party stores are plagued by low quality counterfeit cards. I personally only purchase memory cards from Mouser or DigiKey as the market is a landmine for fake cards. A bit more expensive but you’ll have peace of mind in quality and genuine assurance.

To resize partitions go download Parted Magic from majorgeeks. Flash the Parted Magic ISO to a USB Flash Drive and boot from it. The open gparted and select the SD card and resize.