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Sure. You don’t need to start with programming, there are security professionals who aren’t A+ developers, they’re different jobs, programming a specific tool for a weird edge case is where it’s useful. Most useful tools have been made, polished and are employed on a wide scale (i.e. Splunk).

I say this from the perspective of an analyst so your mileage may vary, there are of course entire careers in cyber revolving specifically around programming.

For a hobby though, you can learn far far more about how computers operate and why they need security by learning about basic computer architecture, networking, and common protocols. Programming will help you take what you ALREADY understand about computers to a problem.

People will disagree I’m sure. Programming is a very small subset of what there is to know, it’s just arguably the hardest part to grind out. You will learn a ton of new things when you start, but that quickly tapers off into repetition and double checking of documentation. It’s easier to stay interested when you can learn something unique every day.

Just personal experience, you do you. Didn’t have enough time to write a short response so I wrote a long one