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No, stop trying to come up with cool ideas to remember a passwords and just use a password manager.

Every week someone comes up with this “really cool” and “unique” way of remembering passwords. Just stop, they’re all bad because they’re based on something week. “I use a weak password and hash it”. “I use a weak password but add the site so it’s long and unique”. “I use a weak password, but change the E’s to 3’s!”. No, just stop, stop remembering passwords. You need to remember like 3 passwords: the one to your password manager, the one to unlock your desktop, and… I’m sure there’s another in there somewhere. Use a 5+ word -random- phrase for these. Everything else, just use a password manager. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE STOP CREATING YOUR OWN PASSWORD MANAGEMENT SCHEMES! I hope I’ve made it clear how terrible all of this is, just use a friggin password manager!