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    Is there any way my main computer could have gotten infected too?

    I deleted that vm and used a backup I had.
    I think that does the trick?

    He got into my email and emailed contacts a link.

    Is my whole computer infected?

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    I would say it’s unlikely that your host machine is infected as well. How is your VM connected to the internet? If it’s via bridged adapter then they may have been able to poke around your subnet.

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    What type of malware was it?

    Even tho there are malwares with the ability to escape a VM, most likely you’re safe, cuz I’m pretty sure they’re not extremely common.

    P. S.
    If you used a well known hyper-visor (i.e. VirtualBox, VMware ) you should be safe.

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    It depends on the malware. Most of them won’t even know they’re inside a VM. The rest will detect the VM and take actions ranging from deleting themselves to attempting to escape from the VM. I seriously doubt you were the target of such advanced malware, but I would have taken a snapshot of your VM and at least dump the RAM to see what lurks there. Might be something interesting.

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    Hello. The vm is don’t have any connection with your computer except for a little amount of ram and the display and the file that you make it for vm. Except if there is a file share server like ftp in your actual computer.

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