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    Hi so I’m suspecting a close person to me is hacking my laptop, he just texts me with stuff & information that I never share with anyone, asking me weird questions & “favors” out of stuff and projects that I have NEVER shared with anyone, he has been trying to give me weird links and programs to install, e.g. he desperately tried to make me download a pdf book.

    He then recommended me to use Netcut, a tool that I installed at the end but it has been completely useless overall.

    He told he uses Parrot Linux.


    TL;DR: Can this type of program be used to hack my computer? And what could I use or do to stop any tracking?


    2. Is SpyBot reliable?

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    It’s not outside the realm of possibility that your computer could be compromised. It’d be worth while to run some anti-malware just to make sure, Windows Defender isn’t the worst to use.

    It’s maybe more likely that he might have access to one of your email accounts or other online accounts like icloud. If you don’t have multi factor enabled or set up, consider turning it on as it’ll make it significantly harder for ppl to get access.

    Good luck

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