June 15, 2021

Acessing Wifi i’m not supposed to

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    I don’t really know if this is the place to ask, but my school has incredibly overpriced wifi and I can’t pay 7 euros for one gigabyte I use.
    Is there a way to still acess the wifi without them having to give me the daily password and me having to pay that much?

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    Set up a p2p wireless mesh network. Free unregulated internet and there nothing short of jamming radio frequency’s they could do about it

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    Your school charges you for WiFi? Wow, that’s just sad…I’d be careful around them…if they are cheep enough to charge for it, they probably won’t be too keen on you “borrowing” it.

    If they are handing out new passwords daily, I don’t really see a good way to get those passwords…is it encrypted? Like are those daily passwords to login through a portal? Or log into the wifi?

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    Please keep in mind. If I leave my keys in the car while in the store, you driving off – even for an hour – is theft.

    Maybe Jail, maybe not. At the least kicked out of school.

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