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    Hello, so I applied to a job on linkedin that was essentially exactly what I was looking to do and ended up sending script content to a “recruiter” at Paramount. This is writing I have worked years out of my life to refine and perfect – some of it was work that one of my film auteur mentors would review. I am an up and coming black and female writer/director.

    After, I submitted my resume and script stuff. I just had a weird feeling because the recruiter’s profile didn’t have Paramount workers in the “people also viewed” section…..also lowkey in the film industry, you’ll never see screenwriting jobs actually posted online. I thought maybe this was a rare gem, and the job linked itself to the actual company and was on their page!

    All I really want to do is make sure that it is not an ex lover of mine pulling this shit because he’s been stalking and threatening me for a while now. He is super super savvy at coding and hacking and was hacking literally ALL my stuff some months ago but I tried to buckle down. I know he wants to completely ruin my life and find out where I am and what I’m doing. It’s been tricky. Resumes have information about me that can be used so I’m honestly just re frightened a bit.

    Other than that, I’m just worried that some asshole is going to use my scripts to try to get in somewhere in hollywood or present my ideas as their own. I would rather it be a rando from another country than someone in the industry. Does contacting authorities allow the possibility of finding out for safety purposes?

    ALSO, is it possible for someone to download a file and use it to find wherever else I am sending them. I’m submitting to a lot of places I want to keep discreet because I need to be real lowkey in general cause this whole stupid dumb mess.

    Let me know what you think – thanks.

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    You should get professional help for your paranoia. This isnt a hacking issue.

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