May 11, 2021

AI hacking vs human hacking

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    Progression of technology is projected the future in the world of AI, from autonomous driving to stock trading, AI is becoming “the center” of everything, or at least constantly being migrated into. I’m AI hacking has been happening faster than what I can find. Is it a thing? AI capability is no doubt better than human in “rigid” tasks, but hacking is extremely complex and in some sense, require creativity. Will hacking be done by AI eventually?

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    Eventually it will probably overtake everything, from industries to recreation, it will only become an inmanent reality that autonomous hacking could certainly be something, but would we need hacking in a world AI prevalent?

    There is no true answer since it is always evolving and we do not authentically know what is coming ahead of us.

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    DARPA actually has fully automated AI hacking. They brought all the servers to DEF CON and had an entire hackathon with it.

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