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    Yes, I’m being lazy.

    Used to be easy to grab a single all – in one windows tool that was light weight, portable, and you could run a DHCP server, DNS, and a file server. With HTTPS (and some outdated crypto) I’m running into problems.

    I have a particular piece of hardware I need to capture where it’s going to get it’s firmware update. So DHCP to get an IP (requirement), DNS to do the IP lookup (requirement), and it’s HTTPS- but using an insecure TLS that is blocked on most browsers (Oddly, IE was the easiest to work with).


    So after that I need to capture the path.


    Yes, I can open up the unit, clip on a SOIC-8 reader (or -44/48 pin if it’s that) and go to town but at this point I just don’t want to be defeated.


    Right now I’ve got

    tftpd32 for the DHCP (and tftp if it needs it or accepts it).

    Wireshark to see what (if anything) the hardware is doing in the back ground



    Abyss for https (but it isn’t working, mostly my fault for not figuring out the certs yet)


    Anything simpler? This just isn’t ‘portable’ enough to taking to hardware, and I may have to spin up a VM or something I’ll do it. Just a PITA.



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    Use a Linux VM or, if it’s just a one off thing, live CD

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