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    For the first time in a while my internet is down at home this morning. No worries, switch over to LTE and boom! But, this got me thinking about how one would get connected to information in the event they were both down.

    What are some alternative ways to reach the internet and information in general when these methods are unavailable?

    I have a HAM/UHF radio, old cell phones with wireless capability, some old laptops, and I may have an old wireless router available to me as well. What can we macgyver here?

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    If you have someone who is broadcasing radio signals, in theory you can convert them to IP based with the right software/equipment. It has to be broadcasting and the equipment has to be on both sides though.

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    Take a look at and – but remember that it’s not legal to obscure the meaning of anything transmitted on amateur frequencies, and it’s also impermissible to use amateur frequencies for commercial purposes, so a direct link between an amateur radio network and the Internet is forbidden (and also likely would end up overwhelming whatever hardware/entity tried to provide it).

    You might also find [Starlink]( of interest.

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