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    I realize this isn’t an Information Security forum but I know as SYS ADMIN’s with yall’s years of experience that you may have some very insightful opinions on this.

    Started studying for the CCENT/CCNA to obtain my networking knowledge(undecided if I would take the CERT exam but at least go thru the material as if I was).

    **However my ULTIMATE GOAL = Pen Tester or a DEV Op’s position**. I just find all the INFOSEC stuff extremely interesting and even as a youth I was playing around with Backtrack 3-5.

    As I’m sitting here reading and reading about Cisco switches and routers along with Cisco IOS cmd line structures I’m wondering if perhaps I’m doing this wrong?

    So should I just ditch the CCNA stuff now and focus on Security+, along with my continued Linux and Python learning?

    any and all input greatly appreciated.


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