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Announcing the EDCON 2020 Vienna stop, call for attention!

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    The Community Ethereum Development Conference will be happening in the beautiful musical city **Vienna** at **3-7 April, 2020!**


    EDCON is a community-supported event organized by [LinkTime](, and with the spirit of sharing and mutual growth, it received strong support from Ethereum Foundation, various communities, and many other contributors in this space, as is manifest in [EDCON2017-Paris](, [EDCON2018-Toronto]( and [EDCON2019-Sydney.]( Together with the help of our supporters, EDCON has made a large influence in its previous years, and we hope this year’s event will be even more significant.

    >This time, apart from the topics of Ethereum technology updates, business use case, investment, governance, community building, etc., the **”Renaissance of Crypto-economics”** will be included as an important session. You will hear more voices about Crypto-economics at EDCON2020.

    We sincerely welcome anyone from this ecosystem to join us. If you have any great ideas and want to organize a themed sub-conference, welcome to apply to be one of the sub-conference organizers! Also, we will open a Crypto market this year as well where you can trade with cryptocurrencies, we look forward to your participation!

    **Speaker & sponsor & Sub-conference organizer and more application channels are open already**, check the website for more details ! [](

    Stay tuned to the updates here:

    Twitter: [](


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