May 19, 2021

Any good books (preferably pdf) + online courses on hacking?

Home Forums Any good books (preferably pdf) + online courses on hacking?

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    I’ve always been interested in it but I don’t know where to start or how to start….


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    You can usually find links to some good places for material at r/opendirectories . For example, there’s a decent library [here]( ( link)

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    The breadth and depth of info on the internet ( or that we have access to in general ) can be intimidating. This is normal, and its totally okay. Its important to know that hacking involves knowing the systems your dealing with really well. If you are having trouble figuring where to begin, and are seeking short concise advice, then I would have to advise you start with general IT studies.

    While your starting with that you will want to look up and educate yourself on the different career paths and associated expertise in ‘hacking’. Learning about the general studies as well as the types of specialization in the field of hacking will empower you to determine what *exactly* you need to study to get to where you want to be.

    Thats the super short, very general version of my advice. Feel free to reply/follow up/ dm with questions and I can happily be more specific. For example, maybe you already know general IT to some extent lol I’m just guessing here 🙂

    Like I can provide resources but at the same time a reverse engineering course is quite different from cryptography courses. You will want exposure to it all of course, but I wouldnt wanna drop an re course or whatever if your not gonna be into that sort of thing

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