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    im looking to play around and start learning hacking for the possibility of an ethical hacking career/cyber security. any free resources, programs, or other information would be great fully appreciated!


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    If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you can run Docker on your Mac and use a Kali image. You could also install VirtualBox and run Kali/Parrot from there.

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    Also our wiki has a lot of resources for you,

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    Are open source tools for web hacking

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    MacOS is unix-like so I’m pretty sure you can install tools that support Linux. I don’t come from a “ethical hacking” background, I’m more of a coder myself so I can’t really give any resources on that but I’m sure you can find many resources online.

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    Well, I do know that you can use a Kali Linux virtual machine. It has a lot of different tools that you can use and the best part is that all of them are free. Also, since it’s based on Linux, you can install all of the other Linux tools. So, that’s one option. As for tools that run straight on macOS, I can’t really help with that since I don’t use macs. Though, I agree with u/kr4cken with what they said about the fact that macOS is unix-based.

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