June 15, 2021

Are the certs really worth it?

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    Are the certs like oscp, ceh, csa or other similar really worth the price?
    Lets say i get the oscp cert for $999, am i really gonna get paid more if i got the cert?
    Is it easier to get a job with cert?

    People who have got some security certs, was it worth the price? Have the certs helped you advance in your career?

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    I don’t have any of them but I believe they’re worth it. I have “connections” and a good resume but I got in at a time where this industry was an infant. Now certs are a good way to validate that you know what you’re doing without having lots of years under your belt.

    If I was starting anew, I’d get certs. Pay is very sketchy overall, but getting a job in the first place, certs help.

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    Maybe but not as much as actually having the skills and proving it. I think $1k for Oscp is high but maybe not if it comes with labs and a good instructor and it’s not just an exam prep course. I don’t think the cert alone is what gets you a pen testing gig. You need strong communication skill along with the technical skill you learn on course.

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    I have never paid more than $300 for a certification test in my life. Most were in the $100-$125 range IIRC. I have over 40 and wouldn’t have been able to afford them. Multiple MCSE, MCT, CTT, CCNA (several)A+, network+, Fore/Marconi, Dell, HP (many), VMWare (several), Bay networks, Linux+, and a bunch of solo Microsoft exams needed every time I taught a new class.

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    I’m a technical manager at a very high profile tech company. I have no certs and have no plans to get any. I cut my teeth being a sysadmin for 20 years and experience landed me the job. Certs are nice but I find employers value experience more.

    That isn’t to say certs are bad or you shouldn’t get them. They just aren’t necessarily a silver bullet etc

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    Let me put it this way, a $800 investment to my education 3 years ago has net me a little over 100x that today.

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    Most companies will hire you without the cert so long as you’re currently doing the course work

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    There will most likely not be a direct and immediate pay increase, but when you move within the company or move elsewhere it can make a (big) difference, many recruiters specifically search LinkedIn or CV’s for those certifications , if you don’t have them you’ll not be contacted

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    Although it didn’t help me, certs have definitely helped and worked for some people. What I learned is that it depends on the businesses and where you are. If you’re applying for jobs locally, then look at your local hiring manager’s post and see what they’re looking for in an employee.

    Also don’t go crazy and purchase every cert there is.

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    They definitely help by getting attention from recruiters, who often do keyword searches based on cert acronyms. They do help in interviews as well, not so much proving that you are competent, but proving you can put up with some bullshit in pursuit of your goals (just like a bachelors). Also, the industry terms you learn from the cert’s CBK provide a starting place for standardization and discussion.

    The ultimate goal is to let some employer pay for the certs however. Doing them out of pocket is a gamble that might not pay off. I advise people to work on them while working at a general IT role – volunteer for more security duties than strictly required and get organizational support to improve. That way you get your certs paid for and gain hands on experience. Hiring pen tester “hotshots” that don’t have demonstrable time in general IT work is risky.

    My $.02 from someone that has interviewed many people.

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    If you have no experience in the field then getting certs is worth it (depending which cert you get). Each cert is going to vary in price and vary in value. E.G. OSCP is hands on, therefore showing, you have hands on experience to achieve that cert. Whereas, CEH is multiple choice (unless you go down the practical one).

    Will you get paid more ? Maybe.

    Will having the cert requested on a job description help? Maybe.

    Some people i know, do not have any certs but have the experience.

    Some people i know have certs and lack experience.

    Who has a higher chance in getting a role ? The individual with hands on experience.

    If you are that guy who has both cert and experience then you are going to have a better chance in getting a role.

    I have a few certs, has it helped me advance my career? I would say it makes my CV look fuller and shows i have the discipline to get certs. Certs are to compliment your experience, as in most cases it comes to true hands on commerical experience.

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