Are there any known blind or visually impaired hackers? Do you know any? I’m visually impaired myself and those inspire me to not give up, including blind and visually impaired software developers. – Digitalmunition

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    I’ve been dealing with vision loss. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is. I’m learning to use a screen reader as much as possible.

    However, I have a passion for software and lately I’ve wanted to get more into hacking and IT security. Both for fun as a hobby but it could probably help my career and overall IT skills as well.

    I wonder, do you know of any blind/visually impaired hackers or IT security pros? There are lots of blind software devs who inspire me at least to not give up. But I wonder if being a “hacker” or IT security pro is possible with blindness. I guess it is since terminals and code is text based, which the screen readers can read ofcourse.


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    I don’t know, but here’s a blind programmer who sets his screen reader to 450 words per minute:

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    Depends on your definition of hacker, but this guy is an elite hacker in my book. Larry Wos

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    @theblindhacker. Great guy. Close friend. Sweetheart of a person.

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    There was a blind kid in my compsci degree who listened to screen readers at about 10000 wpm it was some Matrix shit

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    Thank you all for the feedback, likes, comments and support! It really means a lot! I will keep checking this post and reply as much as I can. ❤

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    You might enjoy reading up on Joybubbles, the original phone phreak who’s ability to hack phones by whistling apparently inspired Captain Crunch, Steve Jobs and The Woz to build “blue boxes”.

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    sajadboyo here watch this interview with a blind hacker

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    My boss. He has a pretty interesting three monitor setup to make it easier for him to see. If people are interested I can ask him for permission to take a picture of the setup.

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    []( <— Yeah this dude, He is a super nice guy He helps run the Dead Pixel Sec discord anyways check him out!

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    Also look at the job accommodation network (askJAN) for suggestions of tech to help. Jaws is one I know many blind users utilize. They can be scrolling through their phone with the screen off since it’s reading the text and not displaying anything.

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    There used to be three brothers that were blind phone phreaks

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    I used to work in home health care and took care of a 90 year old man named Edward. He was blinded in WW2 when he was 18. After the war he decided to go to school and went on to become a computer science professor all while blind. He memorized the keyboard and used screen reading programs. I was amazed when I heard that, being a computer science student myself. he did it in the 40s and 50s when computers were first being made, I have no doubt that you can do the same today!

    Pm me if you have any questions!

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    My little brother is blind and it is absolutely incredible to see him use technology! His phone/macbook speaks to him at lightning fast speed (so fast that I literally can’t comprehend anything its saying) and he navigates through apps just like a sighted person.

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    Well they’re a subset of software engineers so yea should be possible

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    I don’t know, and I don’t think I can help you with what you asked. But your post was extremely inspirational. Keep it up my man

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    What’s going on with your vision? Are you destined for total blindness?

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    [Check this article](, it was for the Rolling Stone but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. It’s on the author’s website though. He wasn’t just blind however, he had some other skills. And you could say he wasn’t exactly on the good side of the law.

    But it’s a cool ass story, and the kid was incredible.

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    As someone else mentioned, look up phone phreaking from the 70s and 80s. A fair number of phone phreakers were blind. Not present day, but interesting.

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    I don’t know any but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible

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