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Are there any white hats/cybersecurity professionals that wear the black hat at night? – Digitalmunition

Home Forums Are there any white hats/cybersecurity professionals that wear the black hat at night?

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    I don’t see any reason why there wouldn’t be people like this, considering that many white hats have the competence to wear the black hat and might not be too fond of the systems in place. What do you think?

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    You mean grey ?

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    Very much doubt a white hat would decide to go black hat after hours. It would kinda kill their day job being arrested or charged. The rep hit alone would probably make you persona non grata.

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    There probably is, but you need to keep your nose clean to work the good white hat gigs, they generally pay good enough, and while I can’t speak for everyone, I do what I do because I think it makes a difference. I have no interest in black hat crap, taking money that isn’t mine, making victims out of the people I try to keep secure.

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    Just wear sunglasses at night. So the hat looks blackish

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    Nice try FBI.

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    Nice try 9 moth old FBI account.

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    You’re asking people with something to lose; like day jobs with income to oust themselves if they perform black hat activities? I doubt you’ll find anyone willing to admit or speak openly about it. If you’re talking about how do white hats get their exploit and skills; they do alot of reading and reverse engineering and only perform actions that are covered either by their own employers liability wise or their own personal devices.

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    i know a few popular “whitehat cybersec specialists” who do or have done some illegal activities yes

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    I haven’t entered the security workplace yet, but when I do, there’s no way I’d follow such a lifestyle. Cybersecurity pays a ton of money on its own, and I do such work because I want to make the world a better place. Stealing people’s money and data does not help accomplish that. Besides, no matter how good I’d be, all it would take is one screw-up and my career would be over; even the best black hats got caught eventually.

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    I believe the term for that is Grey-Hat, or Moonlighting! Think Elliot Alderson from the show Mr. Robot.

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