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Are VPN services a scam? (nordVPN, expressVPN, dashlane VPN)

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    I want to apologize in advance for any grammar/spelling mistakes, I am not an English speaker.

    Lately, a lot of YouTubers are getting sponsored by these big VPN-companies. In these ads, the companies make a big deal about not getting hacked on public networks and just protecting you from being hacked overall.

    In these youtube ads, they claim to protect your passwords on public networks. For example, they claim that they protect your banking information or whatever while shopping online. But if you are on a public network and you are using a website with SSL/TLS (I don’t know the difference) nobody can see your password am I right? They can see what sites you’re going to and stuff but not your passwords correct?

    They also make a big thing about websites not being able to track you. Of course, they can’t track you by your IP but if you have an account on a website they can still track you and if you don’t delete your cookies and that kind of stuff they can still track you via cookies/local storage if I’m not mistaken. So the claim about not being tracked isn’t 100% true.

    I’m definitely not a hacker or an expert on this stuff that’s why I came here. I know a little bit about the web en its security so every time I see these ads I feel like they are selling half a lie to people who don’t know better. I to get your opinion on this, not everything they try to sell you is false or a lie but still.

    As I said, I’m not an expert on this please prove me wrong!

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