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    Hi r/hacking,

    I’m new round these parts so I don’t know if this is the right place to post this.

    Anyhoo I get a phone call from my Granny today and between the general chit-chat she tells me that she has to get a new computer…. So I’m like how come, could you elaborate, gamgam? Now she explains she got scammed… Again, and that my dad says she needs to buy a new computer.

    I’m here today and took a look at it. It’s running Dell, windows 10. It looks as if she’s downloaded team viewer and when the piece of shit scammer found out she didn’t have internet banking they changed her admin password and put a new pin on the computer out of spite. Now i’m not so tech savvy but there must be a way to reset the password and regain control of her computer.

    Then if we gain access back to her computer is there a way to still use the team view connection to gain access to the scammers computers and possibly find out who they are. Obviously you understand I’m quite vengeful to any one who hurts my gamgam.

    Thanks, J2L

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    If it was my grandmoms computer I would reinstall it, maybe login and copy whatever pictures/important data over so she wouldn’t lose anything.

    I use lazesoft to reset local admin password, it’s quite simple.

    To the revenge part, I don’t have an answer.
    Good luck though.

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    Pm me

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