May 5, 2021

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    Hello to everyone.

    Recently I decided on the career to follow, that is IT Security, well I guess hacking has its part in it, perhaps I write in the wrong SubReddit, in such case I would like to be guided as to where should I Post this

    Deciding for sure is the first step, but as to the follow ones, I would like to be “guided” so that I educate myself in most efficient way possible with the best possible resources.

    A small background about myself.M22 North-Italy.Last year I finished an IT High School (which obvsly is not a College, so the degree is also not as valuable) which basically allows me to work in IT either by myself or for a company (as consultant or as developer or….)From this school (5 years) i’ve learned the basic knowledge about C, Java, HTML some small info on the HW/SW and the OSs, also Networking with some knowledge about VLANs-Switches-Routers the internet overall, protocols and such. Perhaps something more which doesn’t come to mind at the moment, but generally a good basic knowledge about the IT world.After 3-4 months of unemployement I started working in a local company as a SysAdmin – although on the contract it’s written that I’m a commercialist or the like. So basically I do anything from switching HW (I’m not able to repair) basic inputs (keyboards, mouses etc), checking and doing backups of Data, checking and managing Exchange Administration of our company, check invoices… So anything related to Organization/IT/Logistics.

    My plans for the moment.Thanks to my work, I have the access to see (and i learn by the day) how a company works, how it stores its data, how it accesses it, what it does with it and so on, so for now I’m learning how a company works with the perspective to open a company of mine in some 10ish years (of which I have no solid plans atm, not even sure i would like to do it)

    What i plan to do.Start reading books about Security, hackers and whatever else concerned, after I hit a “bottleneck” or at least once I gather enough information to consider myself a decently self-educated, I would consider either take an University course to also have a legal “Certificate” or some other courses for the not-quite-the-same Certificate. Just to ensure that I’ll be seen as a decent candidate and taken into account at least at future spots where I’ll candidate. Because without certificates it would really be hard to get the Work i want with a decent Payment of course.

    Once this small yet long plan is over, I would either :A: Propose to start working as an IT Security guy inside the same company where I work atm (I won’t go in details about it, but I’ll say this company gives a Tax service where it does burocracy-related work instead of, well, the clients)B: Start searching for a career spot as IT Security guyC: Start working as a FreeLancer (is this even possible for a Security Technician ? )

    What I would like to ask for is a Senior’s Guidance.Is my plan good enough ? Is there a way to make it better ? Could you hint perhaps anything ? Could you indicate some resources from/what to learn (books, authors/hackers, platforms…anything is welcome!! ) ?I am decided to follow this plan, as such, I would gladly invest (time and money – altough budget is not in the 4-digits sum – might be in the long run) in myself and this road I’ll be taking.

    I beg pardon for such a long post, which perhaps will be in the wrong place as well…Thanks in advance for your attention and time to read/answer this.

    Have a nice week !SN.

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