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    My IT knowledge is very minimal. Anyone have any suggestions for good books for begginners to learn hacking/pen testing.?

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    Learn some basics of programming and check out Black Hat Python. You’ll pick up some network programming along the way.

    I love books, but a lot of books on more complex subjects can be pretty boring.

    If you want to do stuff with web applications, learn about HTTP requests and how web browsers work. w3schools if an excellent, free resource.

    If you’re wanting to learn about network based pen testing, look for books that are supposed to prepare readers for the compTIA certification. ‘Managing and Troubleshooting Networks’ would be a good book to start.

    If you want to learn about a more general, and less technical approach to pen testing I’d recommend ‘Fundamentals of Information Systems Security’. It overviews a lot of terminology and auditing practices in the field.

    Some of the more complex topics require a deep understanding of computer architecture, how operating systems work, and low level programming languages. I’d be happy to recommend titles I’ve used in these subjects, but they’re pretty technical (probably for a 300+ class) and you would want a decent background in programming fundamentals to really be comfortable with the content.

    If you’re wanting more information about the books I’ve mentioned, such as the ISBN, I’ll happily provide them for you

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