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    Not looking to hire a hacker – my company is wanting to recruit development talent – Front end, full stack, C++, mobile and so on. We’re mostly using Stack overflow, LinkedIn and Indeed – the later producing some sorry candidates.

    I’m on the Product side, but thought I’d check with this community for any places to post for excellent talent.

    So where do you all look for good jobs lately?

    If anyone reading is open to opportunities, DM me and I’ll share the Job Posting.

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    I freelance via upwork and am looking for more jobs. Unfortunately though I keep my social media separate from business even if money is involved so I’m out.

    Look at .. you can hire for gigs but easily work with a qualified freelancer long term or hire then permanently if you’d both like.

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    Quick clarification: this is “r/hacking” as in “oh no! hackers in the mainframe” – this is not “r/hacking” as in “hackers on HackerNews.” e.g. predominantly security, not as much development.

    Though FWIW, when I was searching last year, I was mostly searching on LinkedIn Jobs or by networking with recruiters+firms. Indeed was a waste of time, and I didn’t try SO.

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