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    Why was this removed? Kida interested.

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    I wish i could just block all calls that originate from india. It is 2021 our tech should be advanced enough to do that.

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    I feel like this is going to be one of the cases where society changes it’s behavior to adapt/hack back. My SOP with calls ever since the auto warranty campaign started –

    If CID = unrecognized/blocked, send straight to VM on first call. If VM Len < 8 sec, autodelete. If they immediately call a second time, I pick up.

    Same routine if I’m trying to get ahold of someone and I can tell they sent me straight to VM, I hang up and try again immediately. If I go to VM that time, I leave a message.

    Yea, annoying to have to do this, but I haven’t spoken to a scammer or listened to an automated message in years. And some OS are implementing the screening that has a setting to allow on second attempt. Maybe someday the scammers will adapt and call twice, but it would double their attempt volume and that would be a significant hit.

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