May 9, 2021

BlueBorne exploits – couple of BILLION vunreablle devices!


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    I recently stumbled upon the BlueBorne exploit family. It consists of 8 vonrebilities on all sorts of OS. []( []( . If I manage to learn this I will be ready to have some fun hacking some IoT I have laying around 😉 I just don’t understand it all that well. I know there is the script that you have to run when you know the Mac address of the victim, but where can I download it and how excactly do I use it? Heck, is even using premade scripts safe?!


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    Running other people’s exploits is safe, so long as you’ve reviewed the code and understand what it does. Exploits can often be found in the exploit database maintained by OffSec:

    Again, even though the database is maintained by a reputable company doesn’t mean there aren’t some bad exploits that get submitted. Ensure you understand what it is you’re running before you run it.

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