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    Hey guys, new to cyber and learning. Have a home lab set up on internal network running kali, win 10 and server 2019. I want to break into my win 10 using my kali. I don’t want to use the psexec exploit cause I will need to know the password.

    I was wondering if I can use rpcclient or smbshare to break in by guessing password using dictionary attack or something. I’m not sure just wondering if there is a way like this? Trying to use this to analyze logs coming in to set my qradar rules to detect something like this.

    Please any explanation I would appreciate it if it’s in detail because I am new to this field and learning.

    Thanks guys

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    Check out the following CVEs

    I believe they have been patched now.

    CVE-2020-0796 SMBGhost

    CVE-2020-16898 Bad Neighbour


    Check through the logs of failed logins and you should be able to filter those results out.

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