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    As the title says, I came across one guy who is in Hacking Tech for decades. He told me that there is one company that is selling hacking software and hardwares. One of the thing they sell is a USB cable. When you plug that cable into phone, after 30 secs, you can access that phone in one the desktop application they provide with the cable. That company also claims that phone reset doesn’t remove the application from the phone, only refreshing ROM can remove the tracking application from it.

    First I didn’t buy this all thing, I had many questions in mind, how could they actually install their tracking application into phone just by plugging cable into phone, even phone is locked. You can access Android phone if USB debugging option is enabled, but for that, it verifies and ask user for allow the fingerprint from the ADB daemon running in the desktop.

    My question is, are there any vulnerabilities exist which can be exploited using a single usb cable. There is possibility that the cable could be running a small micro controller in it, like Bad-USB does, for exploiting some vulnerabilities in the phone. But how much this is true, any zero-day vulnerability, or something else?

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