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    Interested in hacking, and was wondering if like in the video game ‘Watch_Dogs’ you could have a program that would censor your face on all cameras around you? I understand you would most likely have to hack each and every camera to attack it with a software, but is there a way to make all cameras in a radius do this to your IRL face?

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    not really. you’d need access to each individual camera system. Most CCTVs don’t have individual computers either, so you’d have to attack the central computer that runs them. It’s theoretically possible, but not worth the effort since if you don’t want cameras to see your face, a mask will cut it.

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    Yes there is and no need to hack the cameras. Cameras are sensitive to infrared light while we can’t see it. So wearing a hat emitting IR light can essentially hide your face by being too bright. Most of surveillance cameras do not have any IR filtering because that’s what they use to see in the dark.

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    Yeah. Wear a facemask.

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