May 9, 2021

Can anybody track me down using tor?

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    So I got on tor today I open it to full screen right away and didn’t have a VPN after a while I got a VPN(nord) and started to go on http websites my second mistake because I thought if I don’t put any information I would be good and I went to full screen again like a dumbass. So I just want to some http websites that was selling discontinued stuff and etc and didn’t end up working and I’m worried people will track me down and kill me.
    Also I had background apps running.

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    if you’re really tripping about it you can research more on how onion routing works online, it’s a good system. people getting tracked down and killed is mostly urban legend unless you’re actually pissing people off on there for whatever reason and even then it’s a stretch. I don’t think a VPN will help u at all the onion routing takes care of it better than a VPN that’s why people use it.

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    It all depends,

    How are you accessing Tor, you should be using a VPN, for all connections to the net, not just For.

    Have you configured your VPN and Tor correctly, if not then yes they can track you.

    What are you doing on Tor? If you’re leaving any real-world info there, or purchasing something that will get sent to a physical address that’s registered to you, you can be tracked.

    Are you searching on HTTP for onion addresses, they can make assumptions and track you.

    If you want to connect totally anonymous and greatly reduced your chances of being traced here are a few simple tips

    Download and write to a flash drive Windows PE, Tor browser
    Purchase a VPN and learn how to install it to your flash drive Windows PE
    Buy a cheap laptop, preferably pay cash for it
    Go-to a coffee shop, preferably far from you home
    Surf Tor using the free WiFi and your VPN

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