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    Sorry, I’m quite new to this sub as well as hacking. And wanted to enter in this field. But i don’t know from where to start. Can anyone suggest which software is best for modifying android app in PC

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    I would suggest you learn how to program in java first.

    Android sdk?
    Hello world android app?

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    Assuming you have a prerequisite knowledge of at least the basics of programming, you need to learn Java and how it works. An easy way to learn this is by making Minecraft mods. Then, you can get into Android development, learn the SDK, and then you can try to modify the app with Android Studio. But if you’re looking for a more drag-and-drop solution, you’re out of luck.

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    There is a great app called “APK Editor” that I’ve used for many years. Maybe look on YouTube for tutorials. There’s a massive amount of app patches you can use to make it simple to use too.

    There are many more similar apps you can use.

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