May 11, 2021

Can I be hacked through my WiFi?

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    This may be a violation of rule 4 but please lemme ask.

    So a random number is messaging me. They just sent me photos from my gallery they shouldn’t have access to. I blocked and reported the number. Thing is, my cousin has already tried something like this on me. When he did it, I didn’t recieve photos from my gallery but this time I did get sent some private photos.

    Chances of him being able to obtain my pin and/or fingerprints are highly unlikely. The only link left is our common wifi. Could I have been hacked through my wifi? Is there a way to protect myself from this? Is there any other sub I could be recommended if this isn’t the right one?

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    Log into your router, check for unknown devices

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    If he is on the same network as you then yes it is very easy for him to compromise your digital devices. This is assuming he knows what he is doing.

    If I were you I would implement two factor authentication everywhere you can from this point forward.

    Reset your digital devices and start from scratch. If you have an android or icloud account change the passwords to something very hard.

    Also if you have a google account and it was connected to your digital device go to your security settings and see what type of devices are coming up in your account.

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    Chances are much higher they just guessed your password.

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