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    So there’s someone attempting to impersonate someone else to extort me or something and im just trying to bait him/her to do something dumb. Now to gain the guy/gals trust im rply gonna have to follow the account. Does this in any way get me into a risk of having my personal information stolen?

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    Just make sure you don’t have any personal info on your own Instagram page if they follow you

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    no, you’re safe as long as you don’t click any links or share personal information

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    First off, yes, you *can* get hacked just sitting there doing nothing, clicking on anything, opening anything. It’s just not likely. Second, this is a bad question. The answer to “can I be hacked by …” is always yes, sometimes it’s unlikely, but it’s never no.

    A better question is are there any known vulnerabilities in whatever browser you’re using, or the Instagram app, and could any of those vulnerabilities be exploited by user content from an Instagram post or DM. I don’t know of any in current stable Chrome or Firefox, so if you get hacked, it’s a high skill breach, so, not likely, unless your famous, wealthy, or in possession of state or IP secrets.

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