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    Hello fellow people of r/hacking. Can someone extremely bad at maths learn hacking? Im a disabled and I would like to learn it but the thing is, my maths is really bad since I was 8. I have a really hard time understanding everything in maths except for simple ones. So can a dumb person like me do hacking? Or should I just give up on my dreams?

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    Kinda depends on how dumb, I guess. Hacking is about understanding a thing, then thinking about how you can break it. Sometimes it’s about poking the thing with a stick in many places until it sticks. What exactly do you want to do?

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    It depends what you mean by maths.

    It is fairly rare to need much formal maths (though stuff like binary and hexadecimal arithmetic is very useful).

    However a logical mind to understand how things work and so how they can be broken is needed for most hacking (except for scripts kiddies and social engineering).

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    Maths are essentials of you want to make good programs. For instance you could need to evaluate the complexity of an algorithm in order to decide which one is better. It’s really important on a professional scale, but it depends what you want to do, and how well you want to improve

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    Yes. You can. It’ll be focused on SE and not on developing exploits then. But you could. It would just limit the areas you can get to work with.

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