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    CIA malware and hacking tools

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    TLDR : nothing is fully white or black. CIA may or may not be your enemy.

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    interesting reads when interested in Cybersecurity 🙂 cia did use Solarwinds orion, where they breached too?

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    Now here ye. CIA ain’t the boogeyman that they portray themselves to be to our enemies. The secrecy is to save lives. They aren’t out to get you. But sometimes you’ll see things like JFK or Osama Bin Laden. They must have done some nefarious new world order satanic evil right? Go back and look at what the OSS really did. Look at the 50s and the fictional portrayal of the expert crack squad of secret agents using the state department in the mission impossible tv series. The Fudd of Chuck Barry. They don’t go whackin people that aren’t literally on their way to do direct harm. Why do they need technical services to assassinate? It’s a good way to drum up fear in your enemies. It’s about truth to power. Protection and dissemination. Don’t go all good will hunting because your cultural marxist instructors bang their narrative. The truth is way more mundane.

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